Spend the afternoon in the company of similarly talented, erudite and intelligent people from across the industry for an afternoon of increasing merriment. Your enjoyment will be enhanced - broadly speaking - by some of the more peculiar concepts from the thing called the Internet of Things.


Join us on Friday 2nd December for the annual gathering of some of the UK's most fabulous digital folk. As always, things will kick off with a drinks reception, followed by a 3-course lunch. Then, when you've gobbled down your dessert and you're confident that you've drained your glass, and the conversation of your fellow table guests has run dry, we will all move down to the bar for drinks and bacon butties, courtesy of our lovely partners.

Reception drinks - 12:30 PM

Lunch served - 1:30 PM

Evening bar - 5 PM onwards


Institute of Directors

116 Pall Mall




Creative Partners